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For a writer, I am having a goofily hard time writing a first blog post.  It feels like a first date.  Or the first day at a new school.  I have reverted to Shy Girl standing in front of the Bayview Elementary second grade class, feeling very weird about arriving half-way through the school year.   “Hi. (Deep breath.) I’m Laurel-Ann, and, uh, I’m from Canada, and uh  . . .”

But this should be easier — I get to write down what I want to talk about instead of having to actually speak out loud in front of people.

What can I say?  I’m a writer, and letting words flow out through my fingers has always been much more comfortable than out of my mouth.

And so, with name, occupation, and place of birth stated, I leave awkward introduction post behind and remind myself that blogging is writing, after all, and not facing a bunch of new kids in desks.  

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