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Meet the Friends

Welcome to the lives of four girls you already know. Each one is just like you. And each one is different.


She’s the girl everyone wants to be friends with. Not because she’s one of those Queen of the Class, only-talks-to-you-if-you’re-special-enough girls. Just the opposite — Nathalie’s nice to everyone. And she’s funny, with a quirky way of looking at things. She can’t decide which she likes best: writing stories, drawing, or reading. Super into fashion, Nathalie knows the latest trends practically before they happen. But she adds her own individual twist to them, creating a funky style that is uniquely hers, much in the same way as she sees the world — in a unique and funky way with a dash of drama.


She has two older sisters and it shows. Reagan is always talking about boys, PG-13 movies, and make-up — even though she thinks boys are gross, has never seen a PG-13 movie, and doesn’t own any make-up except for a tube of bubblegum-flavored lip gloss. Always on the go, Reagan doesn’t focus on any one thing for long and is easily bored. Tennis and swim team in the summer, hip-hop dance and whatever else she can sign up for during the school year.  Like Nathalie, she loves clothes — the more “mature,” the better.


She is the serious one of the bunch, and the hardest to know. Like Nathalie, Catherine has a good sense of humor — but not many people know it.   She’s a reader, too, and goes for true stories more than fiction. Like Reagan, she has a packed schedule, but it’s equal parts sports and science, and staying focused is not an issue. Like Isabel, she’s got a fiery spark inside her — but it is deeply hidden. With Catherine, a lot is hidden.


Isabel is your classic girly girl. Into sports? Not so much — except for soccer.   Skirt or jeans? What do you think? Bubbly, irrepressible Isabel talks nonstop and lets her emotions show. Easily moved to giggles or tears, she is as sensitive to other people’s feelings as she is to her own, and often starts crying when she sees someone else get upset. Sweet but with spark, that’s Isabel.
Illustration by jadefrolics, LLC