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What do you do when another girl tries to steal your best friend???

It’s an emotional quandary that every upper elementary school girl knows. They’ve either lived it or witnessed it. And it’s not pretty.

Enter the new book, Best Friend Thief, by Laurel-Ann Dooley, to address this universal — and universally perplexing — dilemma. Telling the story of what happens when a third girl enters an established two-girl friendship, Best Friend Thief focuses on the complexities of best friend relationships.

The book sets itself apart with its realistic portrayal of pre-adolescent friendship problems. No never-happens-in-real-life plot twists or convenient resolutions of problems. Best Friend Thief tells it like it is, but always with a touch of humor.

Praise for Best Friend Thief:

“Dooley’s debut middle-grade novel gets at the heart of friendship conflicts between young girls. In late elementary school, best friends are everything, and this book captures these feelings. Best Friend Thief is a fun read that reaches inside pre-adolescent girls.” – Kirkus Review

“As a psychologist, I really loved this book. It elucidates the subtle dynamics of peer relationships in a way that young readers can relate to and understand. And even though the story is for young girls, the cliffhangers really kept me turning the pages — I couldn’t put the book down!” – Dr. Linda Sonna, author of The Everything Tween Book

“I bought this for my daughter and ended up reading it before she even got hold of it,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “By Chapter 3, I was completely engrossed and chuckling out loud. I highly recommend this book, and now that I finished it, I will finally let my daughter have a crack at it!” – Amazon review

Here’s the set-up:

Nathalie can’t believe it. Her best friend Reagan is ditching her to be BFFs with the class popular girl. They’d been best friends forever, but when Queen Blair decides that she wants Reagan to be her BFF, Reagan is gone in a flash.

Catherine and Isabel can’t believe it either. They’re best friends just like Nathalie and Reagan, and the four of them always hung out together — but now what? Will Nathalie get Reagan back? Does she even want her back? Will the group ever be the same again?

Confusion and hurt feelings take over — and that’s just the start of it!

Find out what happens in Best Friend Thief and join Nathalie, Reagan, Catherine, and Isabel as they navigate the ups, downs, and general craziness of best friendship..


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